Ring sizes can even be related to a person’s height and weight. The average ring size for women and the average ring size for men can be derived from the average height and weight in your country. If you really can’t find out your or your partner’s standard ring size for whatever reason, it is wise of you to start with the average ring size for women and the average ring size for men.
According to current jewelry market data, the average ring size for women in the US, for example, is 6 (based on the average American woman being 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighing 140 pounds) and the average ring size for men is 10 (based on the average American man being 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 197.9 pounds), which translates to an average ring size of L½ for women and T for men in the UK. You can observe whether your partner’s height and weight are on average. If he or she is below the average height and weight, you might consider starting at a size 5 for women and around a size 8 for men. If your partner’s height or weight is above average, it may be a good idea to start at a size 7 for women and 11-12 for men.
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Average Ring Size for Women and Men