Funerals have been a part of the grieving process since the beginning of human history because they move from life before death to after death. Visit here for the best one stop funeral services in Singapore. They develop appropriately in a funeral.

Let’s discuss why we need a funeral ceremony and here are some points given below:-

1.     Concede the Reality of the Death

It is natural whose born one day person died and we lost a loved one to terms with death the funeral ritual is an important acceptance. Once we can confront and eventually accept the passing of our loved ones, it feels better to process our grief and start healing.

2.     Remember the deceased

Although funerals tend to be a solemn occasion they allow us to remember and celebrate the life of the person who has died common components of burial rites such as encomium, reading, and songs as well as the gathering of friends and family allow us to bring back and share meaningful contribution about our relationships with the lamented one.

3.     Encourage supportively

Burial rites are ceremonies which do in which the community gather in support of the funeral mourners can find confront in connecting with attending sharing memories, and listening to others while being mindful of funeral manners.

4.     Expression

Human beings are socialized and wired to feel connected with others and express themselves, but the deep and incoherent grief we feel when a loved one dies can become unbearable if we have no vent for all these emotions. Funerals provide us an occurrence to oppose and release this sorrow in a way that helps up begin the journey towards healing. Whether you want to talk, cry or sit quietly and remember in the caring company of others, expression is an important purpose of funerals.

5.     Meaning of funeral

When someone we love so much, dies suddenly or expires due to some reason, at that time our lives become so lonely only a funeral gives us time to prepare for our loved one properly all arrangements by the funeral agency handle everything during mourn. We spent time with a loved one and continue to recall and remember our loved one so dearly.

6.     Transcendence

Ultimately a funeral service can help us to cuddle the wonder of life and death. Funerals often wake us up and make us think about our lives and how we spend our remaining days.


Funerals are successful in helping us to heal. This is because we lost part of our family, love, and friend with those emotions we are unable to hold to our self so in this case, only the funeral agency arranges everything for love our one. This is why we hired the funeral agency to make the ceremony properly and create meaning and give us peace to recall our loved ones again.

What are the 6 purposes of Funerals?